A home inspection really consists of 2 parts; the on-site inspection itself and the delivery of the Home Inspection Report. The delivered report IS the product; it is supposed to inform the buyer of the condition of the house.

My reports tell it like it is; if it’s broke or if it’s a safety issue, the report says so. While other home inspection companies claim they are “fair” to the house or are “non-alarmist”, what they’re really saying is their report may not really reflect the conditions they see. They are ensuring their next referral from your agent. My feelings are simple, I didn’t build it, I didn’t fix it, I’m just reporting what I see.

The Report Challange-

I’m going to show you a section of 2 reports on the same house; the inspections were conducted about 4 weeks apart. Here are just the exterior & deck sections of the reports.

This inspection report was produced by a licensed & ‘certified’ inspector- FlandersComp

This inspection report was completed by me. FlandersATH

Which report would you prefer??

Here is a completed home inspection report Example Report on a house my client did not purchase. This is an actual report, not some made-up example that most companies use.

How do you choose a home inspector? Check out this advice:

“My advice to clients who want a reliable inspection is to call the inspector that is “hated” by selling agents. The inspector who will go through the property with a fine toothed comb. The inspector who will point out every issue whether major or minor. This may be the only way to avoid a possible less-than-full disclosure by the Sellers.”

Richard M. Bianculli Jr., Esq Warwick, RI

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